Saturday, March 07, 2009


Plans. We all make them. Major or minor, we all make them. It could be just a small arrangment to meet up over supper, or it could be a major one regarding our dreams. That investment you plan to grow whilst you live up for a couple of years.

The thing about plan is that it helps us go through unfamiliar grounds. Foreign emotions, alien environments, strange situations. We think plans would help us go through those, or at least ease the burden. Inconsistencies aren't exactly our expertise in our lives, because we adapt to the consistencies of our lives. Really, even the Circadian Cycle has the whole 24-hour and 25-hour concept.

A slight change can disrupt our physiological and psychological equilibrium.

Sure we can be ready to face them in the future. I mean, we have the help of our darling wiser and aged generations namely our family, closed acquaintances and such. They could facilitate by their tales. But really, they are mere stories. Much like what we watch on the telly or read in books.

We could have our lives plan out. We could have the whole financial scheme, and the hope that life will be much ease. We could sign up for family planning, telling you the appropriate time to have kids and what not. We could have the rough draft of where to work, where to pursue your Masters.

But would all these things immune the self from the alien routines, and emotions? From the much bigger things to come in the future. That giant leap(s) of faith.

What if, things that were not part of the plan occur?

You could have been in the Dean's List your entire tertiary study life, but still be unemployed. You could have graduated a Summa for all I care, but you don't have the ability to be an outstanding employee.

You could expect a miniature you a little too early.

And you think to yourself, this was not part of the plan. What do I do next? Do I bend and break? Sink or swim? Adapt or flow?

Your frames of references, they'd grow weirder too. Adapting baby aliens into your life. Soon, you might speak in some weird ass alien language. Illuminating some weird lime green light from your eyes. Hence, changes the way how you perceive the world.

Or the people you stumbled once upon ancient time ago, they'd be humans. And you, an alien.

Good, because you see world in a different manner. Not conforming nor complying. You stand true to your grounds. After all, aliens have this so called 'advanced' technology than we humans. Lightyears ahead. Bad, if it does not make sense or worse, if aliens are just fictional.

Saya takut lah. Sangat unpredictable hidup kita ni. Tak boleh navigate entirely.

But if you have your iPod on shuffle, that's a different story.


Che Eduardo said...

When everything doesn't fall in place, you make the best of what you have and go through nonetheless. Life is a journey filled with bumps, potholes and bad drivers just like our roads..

And plans; for me it gives us a sense of purpose and direction. So at least, you know where you're headed..

the enigma said...

look at it this way jane....we plan, and follow the boring ass plan till the inevitable day of alien comes...on that day.....we get to have a bit of fun....haha.....u are one of which has that illusion of predictability when it comes to life....never predict, bcoz thats how u die on a rapid....u just need to let urself if ur routine was the alien routine....wouldnt that make the plan the alien?.......WO'

pinknerd said...

takdir tak semestinya takdir kalau masih boleh diubah.

malas nak explain.

anyway, we plan because that's security right there, nothing else.