Sunday, March 08, 2009

Tentang Percintaan.

Boy A: What's your stand on guys who approach girls at your local kopi shop? Fear is such a big mofo to guys.

"It's a new approach to dating? Personally, I'd turn them down. Gila infatuated by physicals je!"

Boy B: How's life? No boys at college?

"Banyak je. Not interested. Drama je kang"

Girl A: Rindu berpacaran

"Rindu jugak"

Boy A: Shallow girls are a big turn off. Physicals first, intellects next.

"How can you tell if she's an intellectual? Btw, intellectual boys are rare species"

And I have found one intellect. Satu. One. Uno. Oi, aku kat sini oi! 


kinteruvoid said...

drama seh

Anonymous said...

you must have a lot of time to blog about love and life. I envy that.

pinknerd said...

ben spoke to me last night half-drunk.

it was disgusting.

back to jack.

Che Eduardo said...


the enigma said...

i know whos girl A...i got the same text...

Ayyman Rahim said...