Sunday, September 07, 2008

KBKK bersama Jane.

Most of the time, they preach us to be objective. Simply because, being subjective is never-ending. An open-ended lead. Since school, we were taught to be objective. We never really had those mind provoking subjects. They gave us questions that sounded like, "Pada pendapat anda.." but in marking, its how rationale and how well you've applied your "norm" answers. If you answer has sense in it, and you have provided strong your points are, it does not matter. Because the text books do not allow.

KBKK. Kemahiran befikir secara kritis dan kritikal.

However, this has nothing to do with our Education system.

One's definition to a word differ significantly from various aspects as he/she has varied factors that are contributing in his/her life. For example, when one approaches the term truth. what really is truth?

Take psychology for example. In psychology, we have different approaches to it. For example, we have the biological approach where the traits, hormones and such play significant role to the event. This could be more to the physical approach - based merely on science. Hence, the whole question of body-mind-soul question would be answered merely based on scientific facts and the proofs that are held in one's anatomy. Correspondence Theory. Whatever that are based on facts and science. But through this approach, could they explain the mind entity? The one that is not really located in the brain itself. Does this mind really have a home?

Ironic really, especially when we talk about psychology and the mind (correspondence theory).

Then we have the pragmatic theory to the truth. This functional truth, does not apply merely based on facts or science nor does it apply only after it has a coherence with other statements. But this functional truth, well it is true because the people that believe in it. Sounds better eh? This not only answers your mind-body question. It also has that "abstract" entity in almost everything in life. I mean, come on, how can you not believe in these abstract entities, i.e: mind, hereafter, etc. You would probably end up like Darwin.

I'm not a McDreamy and gang follower, but it was on TV, so I watched it anyway. One of the collegue said that the kid (who has a heart failure) would not survive even though the surgery was a success. The surgeon said, if the kid does not want to have the donated heart, and believes that he should not have the donated heart, the kid's body would reject it. True enough. After all, it's all in the mind.

In StarMag today, there was an article on parapsychology. It was on this whole hypnosis thing and how these psychiatrists (psychologists) discovered the new realm of this treatment, past-life regression. Apparently, patients are "visioned" by their previous lives. Funny as it sounds, but that's what I read.

What caught me was what if this past life regression is true? If it is true, then it is probably confirmed by the correspondence theory. As it has been proven through science, through one's sensory. If it is true, then there is such thing as reincarnation - the ideologies that are held in Buddhism and Hinduism. But if its true, that what happens to my truth? What happens to my functional truth? What happens to my beliefs as a Muslim?

I want to find it for myself, see how far true it is. But i need to persuade mama to drive me there. Malaysia's center for Past Life Regression.


*cosmic freak* said...

Sometimes I really do admire your thoughts and ponders and am quite proud that we have such young people who does think this way.

At other times I'm just a self-absorbed schmuck. Haha.

Its funny that also in some Hindu tradition that the soul enters the embryo in its 8th week, as same believed in Islam.

What they visioned during these parapsychology is not really from their previous lives. Its actually the places your soul wonders off to when the body is at rest (i.e. asleep). And thats a fact, that as your body rests, your soul are alive and wandering around. Those are dreams as you thought they are. But its just another realm of your subconscious. And I guess this rationale does not contradict with the religion.

Parapsychology is an attempt to connect with your subconscious. Its not about getting in touch of previous lives. In the former, there's logic that you can comprehend. In the latter, it kind of like ridiculous, right?

I'll let your youthful mind try to settle this matter. hahaha.

Che Eduardo said...

Fuyoh!!! Very intellectual I may say.. Keep it going, sista..

To be honest, when I started law school; they told us to be analytical.. Four years later, I still wonder what that's suppose to mean or whether I've actually mastered it?! But then again...

Anonymous said...

cosmic freak, basically that's what sufism is all about and the reason why it is contested.

*cosmic freak* said...

owh yeah. I am indeed a fan of sufism.

Jumping Jane. said...

ms cosmic,
hahaha most of the time, we are all self-absorbed baboons. blame it on the narcissistic generation. ;)

but thank you though. and the fact that you would rather let my "youthful mind" to settle this matter, as in discover it for myself rather than you know, trying to persuade me from your point of view. some people just want their ideology to get across. terima kasih! :)

keeping it going! tapi i had a thought of going at a slower pace. sigh. analytical? such a big word.

i think i might have forgotten what sufism is all about again. padahal i just took the world religion subject like.. a year ago. sigh. i'll look on it. thanks.