Saturday, September 13, 2008

Pieces of the past races,

My earliest memories.
Around the age of 5-6.

1. Running around the garden of my old place, holding those nicely shaped Postman Pat's chocolates Papa bought from London. And being shouted, "Eee. Tak Puasa". Also, during that time, before noon, I'd ask Mama whether I could eat Milo Powder. "Ayang lapar".

2. Calling Papa bodoh in a hotel in Paris, being chased around the hotel room with a belt on his hand, and me running to Mama hugging her at her leg, crying.

3. On our regular trips to Langkawi because of his project there. Pelangi Beach Resort, Desaru and Subang Airport felt like home.

4. After our European trip, I, told Papa that I was lazy to continue to attend my Pre-school. So I sat at home, watching TV 24/7 and the Principal, Mr.Tan, came to my house. Ho ho ho.

5. Getting a Polly Pocket from Toy'R'Us, and having to keep a little secret.

6. Having the best 5th Birthday Party ever. Really, we had Mc Donalds came over to our house, and the Mr. Hambuglar was there too! Playing with us kids. And, the table was filled with birthday presents. Seriously. Big sizes I tell ya'!


1. Now, I sit in front of my laptop, waiting for the break fast time, and delaying my textbooks.

2. In coherent with my Eleven Years Ago post, kids nowadays are moving "in advance". I mean, I was a late 80-s baby, and I learned the words such as bodoh, and practice it when I was six. And I think I deserve that belt whipping. Wait, I can't remember whether Papa did hit me. But yes, just make sure you teach your kids well.

3. Lama siot tak pergi Langkawi.

4. Ha ha ha, don't deprive your kids from education.

5. Don't rasuah your kids with toys, gifts or whatever. We're teaching people to not be corrupted, but really, how far has the campaign go? Teach your kids to do the right thing, even if it means bringing the one who is at fault down. Truth hurts, but you know it's the right thing to do.

6. I love my papa and mama. Adik wasn't born yet then. Now, gaduh lah setiap hari dengan Adik.

Back to belajar.


Che Eduardo said...

And I'm damn sure you don't eat Milo powder anymore.. That one surely brings back memories..

I want to go to Langkawi too.. :-(

Jumping Jane. said...

Weh I eat Milo powder every now and then, but dah lama lah. Haha.

Sigh, must go Langkawi lah.

aewan6 said...

prefer milk powder over milo powder :/

Jumping Jane. said...

milo powder is yummmy!!

aewan6 said...

what is so yummy about milo powder?

milk is a 'k' cooler then milo ;)

xsaaraahx said...

i love milo powderrrr !
its my favourite, hihi.

Jumping Jane. said...

see aewan, milo is sedap! even sarah agrees. hahaha. you're such a Vanilla person! :P

sarah, kan wehh. lama tak makan!!

aewan6 said...

fine.. majority rules the court..

yet, my perception and preference is unique.. hence it prevails in my book..

(god, now i sound like a proper narcissist)