Monday, September 29, 2008

The world is not free from..


Those answers that the beauty pageants contestants always talk about when they say, "World peace" might be the most ridiculous answer. What more cliched. But when you think about it, it's the best thing that can happen to all of us.

To have an ideal world, an utopia might be absurd to many. Especially to those realists.

For many years, people have fought and talked about racism. I first came across the word Apartheid back when I was 8. And I thought to myself, the 'blacks' are actually looked down upon? Because I never had a problem playing with my fellow Malaysians.

But let's face it.. We are living in a world full of discrimination in many forms. Be it just by the brands and price of your clothes, or the clique that you hang out with, or even by your income group. And discriminating race, blood and heritage is new to us?

I mean come on, we are only different on the surface because we are just different physically. You have sepet eyes, I have darker skin than your kuning langsat skin. You have curly hair, and I have straight hair.

But that does not mean we are different on the inside. Both you and I are pretty much the same. We share the same airwaves, the same interest in music, movies, reading materials. Even passion. Both you and I love nasi lemak, roti canai, char koay and such.

Then why are we still talking language of the fools? Of 'pendatang' Tanah Melayu, of 'UITM hak bumiputra' (those stickers on cars are truly annoying although I must say the design is pretty)?

Hitler was wrong because he was preached by Liebenfels' polarized distortions of Darwin's Natural Selection theory. Hitler overemphasized on the Germans' superiority, and the Jews' inferiority, and his absurd thoughts on Darwin's theory of survival.

North America (backs in the 70s) had a rule at parks whereby the African-Americans were not to drink from the water fountains, and the water fountains were only privileged to the whites.

Malaysians, decided that unity built Malaysia.

After 51 years however, some decided that his(her) fellow Malaysians are mere 'pendatang' and his(her) own kind are the sole citizens of this tiny part of the Earth. Some fight for their privilege in the leading Uni of Malaysia, by putting up stickers on their rides.

Not promoting Marxism or anything, but it's just 10%. Healthy competition against the other 'kinds' is not all that bad. You talk of the 'Ah longs' making the economy grow, you talk of the 'Rajus' being in violence and disrupting peace. But those 'Alis', most are just happy riding on their kapchais. Some, are exploring the boundaries of the bumiputra privileges, and the ketuanan.

But when you leave them to explore on their own feet, how many of them could talk of the other entity of the physical world? How many can see beyond the boxes? Has being 'in their own kind' after so many years help many?

Try to talk to someone not of your kind. Yes, they might appear different from the outside. But you do share a common ground. Like the habit in the morning being caught in traffic, listening to 'Gotcha' on our local radio station.

We might look different from each other on the outside, but we do feel the same basic feelings like Love and Peace.


Che Eduardo said...

Malaysian of the year... One of the best I've read; even I tried I couldn't put it down so subtely without sounding like a political rat..

Che: Though I'm not a great fan of Gotcha; the Serena-Pietro battle of the sexes is my cup of tea..

Jumping Jane. said...

Haha, Malaysian of the year is a little too much Abang Che oi. But thanks anyway, although I feel the opposite. Macam kurang something, tak cukup Umph! Haha. Terima Kasih nonetheless.

I don't listen to the radio, I pasang CD. Haha. BTW, Selamat hari raya to you ya!

obotcha said...

nice post! yes, of course we are the same on the inside. physically different.

but i find it interesting about the differences that we can share. we all grow up based on our race's culture, therefore, there will be a difference in our way of thinking things.

Yes, instead of fighting over our differences, we might be better off discussing the differences to try to understand things in a different perspective.

in short, Malaysia's racism problem is not that bad since we all share everything. Food, clothes, music, etc.

:P just want to share my piece of mind.

Selamat Hari Raya!

Jumping Jane. said...

Obotcha, yes betul. You know, it's funny how people always stress to find the differences and all. Or the similarities, people often forget to find the associations between these similarities and differences.

It's like, although we are different and all, but yet, we all rely on each other despite our differences. And that's the beauty.
Especially in Malaysia. :)

Dan terima kasih, selamat hari raya juga kepada anda!