Monday, September 01, 2008

Saya tak boleh buat keputusan, adik-beradik gunting.


More reasons to be so into.
And I can't do anything about it now can I?

More reasons to think overrated is unavoidable.
All things grow. And I should stop classifying people because of our contradicting lifestyles shouldn't I? Weh, dalam Temperament test saya, it says, Judgmental. Damn it. Now where's my Temperament book?

And all of a sudden we're all whores in the cyber world.

Tapi tak apa, saya tau
we do have similarities. I can even list them down if you let me.

"Would you like me to come over?"


Che Eduardo said...

I'm not related to Scissorhands...

Whores in cyberworld; I meet the REAL DEAL daily on my walk to college.. Good God, get me out of that place FAST...

Would you like me to come over?
(Guess the song)


content said...

Maybe not to the extent of whores. Perverts, or perhaps voyeurs, would be more appropriate, adik-beradik perempuan gunting :)

Jumping Jane. said...

haha i was looking for the proper term in bm, adik beradik perempuan gunting so panjang kan content!

but perhaps you're right, whores is a little over the top.

p/s: glad to have you back! :)

surgeon said...

hey jane,

in order to denote the moment of pure subjective decision/choice which stabilizes a world, there is a concept of point as a simple decision in a situation reduced to a choice, between a yes or a no.

so does this not implicate that there is no world outside language, no world whose multitude of meaning is not determined by a symbolic order?

well, the passage to truth corresponds the passage from language, in other words, the limits of my language are the limits of my world to material mediums, to mathemes ( which run diagonally across a horizon of worlds.

in postmodernism, relativism is precisely the thought of the irreducible multitude of worlds each of them sustained by a specific language-game, so that each world is taken as the narrative of its members telling themselves about themselves, with no shared terrain and no common language between them.

the problem of truth is how to establish something that, to refer to terms popular in modal logic, remains the same in all possible worlds.

i am sorry to complicate you with all those jargon-laden advices, but reading this post and much of the previous, it had occured to me that you are having some sort of ideological struggle over there?

for i am a muslim just like you, i can't help to play an anarchist dream in this period of world where humanity no longer adepts to the fundamentalism. absolute truth may have been distorted and lost its way to this civilization as we know now, but we still have the holy Quran as our guide.

keep it at a steady pace, alright. you are not shallow after all.

Jumping Jane. said...

hey surgeon,

thank you very much and yes you did complicate me with all those jargon! haha. i'm already having a tough time trying to make sense with my text book, but hey, i appreciate it very much!

so yes, thank you.

i think at some point, i am having troubles with "some sort" of ideology. with all those definition we're suppose to be following, but you know, definitions themselves are subjective.. hence, people perceive it differently due to their "interpretations" and "definitions".

and yes, indeed absolute truth probably have been distorted. but then again, when you think about it, absolute truth.. what is it anyway?

it is nor during the Ancient Greek, or now perhaps.

but if you put religion or God (namely Allah S.W.T) to it, then probably we have our guidance.

but then again.. it's an open-ended discussion.

be merry!

thanks again! :)

Anonymous said...


what i was stressing earlier is that language influences the way we conceptualize the world.

you see, the beginning of every art music development, in china, or in middle east or in european monasteries was always to relate the art of shaping composing sounds with the art by which the stars are shaped
and composed.

astronomy, mathematics and music were the highest disciplines
throughout the centuries since the beginning of european art music in the monasteries, let's say in the tenth until the 14th, 15th century...

the art of the fuge, for example, or the musikalishe opfer by johann sebastian bach has always known about this relationship between the laws of the universe, astronomical laws,
and the laws of the music of this earth.

in our country where people are denying that have been drawn to western discourses, (say, liberalist malaysians thrashing pas' boycott over avril lavigne concert, indie bands and scenesters complaining they are not given the chance by the government in their cultural pursuits), there has certainly been a conflict of interest.

given the context of our culture and situation, question like why cannot we have a more civilized live music experience that does impose any other influences would arise? part of me agrees that music that imposes what should be ruled out, should be left so.

raster-noton music has been known for it's utilization of computer technology in music making while there are bands like acid mothers temple and family to offer the real live music experience for the puritans.

in about everything, there are people who'd float either mainstream or downstream for causes.

Jumping Jane. said...

hello anon (surgeon),

wow your knowledge sure is crazy deep!

i guess it does make sense, i mean of course it does! the order/law of the universe were probably the influence in art during that era.

there's this topic in philosophy called, the art and meaning.

there, they argue how people approach art, as a form, as imitation, as expression of reality and such lah.

so maybe Bach's music lies within one of those.

and yes, there would be people flood either mainstream or downstream for causes.

i don't know why i get all upset about this issue and all, i mean, let them be lah kan?

Lee Gwo Burne did say Av's concert was hit. No harm done despite the PAS' hype.

Anonymous said...

yeah, a hit or otherwise it doesn't really matter. where i speak from is the comprehensible cultural approach towards the masses here. that is what it lacks here. the point should be made through the weigh of values and ideals. then again, this would surely be a subjective matter too.

it might be too idealistic for one to be asking that but as if i could careless. i preach the same thing to my students, i might just be biased.

life after all, is much, much more. i'd say, be merry too :)