Sunday, February 22, 2009


Emotionally involved.

You asked me, what about it. You know, things just don't happen for several reasons and you just let the reasons reason you out. No, not really.

Communication, has its flaws. Words are just words. So we reassure ourselves. Have a little faith, built into something that can't really be proven due its abstract entity.

And so we live. Probably living the superficial even. We reassure ourselves again. But this is it. We live. Live in align with the time for once. Not a little too fast than the second - plotting the future. Not a little too slow - dwelling in ancient history. This is it. We are at the same speed with time.

But the flaws catch up just in time. Words, are ambiguous. The last perceptions and interpretations, are based on the receivers.

I'm just not much of a big fan for it now. Destinasiku, so its mine. Solely.

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