Friday, February 13, 2009

"You hold my hand, but do you really need me?"

Do you know why I think Love is overrated? Because it fucking is.

They go all over and meet people, stumble, fall hard. Fall out, fall deeply again. Then fall out again. The significant value of the "big-L" just deteriorate every single second.

Then comes the nourishing, the tender and dear, soft skin-to-skin contact. The kind whispers and gestures. The kiddy giggles, the eye contacts. The deep conversations, the exchange of life stories.

The rowdy arguments, the hatred gestures. The non-verbal ques that are so reluctant. The muffled anger, the subtle envy. The contradicting thoughts, beliefs, principles, goals, grounds etc.

Go and watch Benjamin Button, tell me, would you care and love that one person in whatever condition they are in?

Because you never know what life has in store for us. They could turn blind when they reach 37, they could meet a tragic accident that will leave them a permanent brain damage, they could carry a deadly disease at 45.

And we both know the wedding vows you made will mean the whole world on your wedding day. But as time passes, sickness become an irritation, their flairs are their very flaws.

Mid-life crisis here and there, marriages lack in intercourses, spouses "exploring" the boundaries.

And do you know why Emotional-Impulsive acts do not complement your ego? Because we start to love and care. Because then, we tend to self-sympathize ourselves when things fall out of place. Self-pity by the way, is just not awesome.

Maybe you can get Love anywhere, even 'True' ones. But Unconditional Love, bless us souls.

I want to watch Benjamin Button again.


Anonymous said...

You're not a believer then.. Alas, I'm a fool in luv.. and one who has too much faith, believe and expectations in the matters of the heart..

Happy Feb 14th Jane, from a friend who cares..

gravity said...

I think for a 19 years old kid, it is too early to talk about life. or love. let alone true love.

Jumping Jane. said...

Well gravity, if its early to talk about life at my age, when's the appropriate time to talk of love or life? 65?

johan.farid said...

IMHO, Love is an emotion which will never mean the same thing, the second time around.

Falling in and out of love, regardless of age, will advance you in the chapter, learning from encounters that come our way.

With this said, love at 5, 19 or 65 would still be love, just that one would think at 65, he/she would be more well-versed in the subject matter.

So go on, fall in love. Its always worth it.

gravity said...

not 65. but i think at the age of 19, they just have not experience life much enough. don't get offended here, jane.

hey do u read tony parson?

Jumping Jane. said...

aw come on gravity, you don't even know half of my life experience to even say that. you know i must say i am partially offended, because you don't even know half of my life experience. and jftr, i'll be 20 this year.

age is just a figure, gravity. its the mind and how one perceive things that counts. there's no precise tool and measurement that indicates how one is experienced enough to talk of love and life.

you know, i'm just seeing the world, hence talking about love and life as how i see it with my prior perceptions and experiences. may not be as good as yours, with your wise experiences. but these are mine experiences, and my perceptions.

people see different things accordingly, gravity. you got to learn to accept others' views and perceptions - with or without that 'experienced' age limit.

i only read Man and Wife. maybe you should read Jonathan Lethem.

Jumping Jane. said...

*these are my experiences

Hey, am just being lenghty about it, making things clear. I do respect you being elderly. Sorry if I appear hasty and rowdy.

cindir-rela said...

owh you are so comel!!

gravity said...

no need to apologise there jane. its totally ok.

i think i'll drop by here more often. started to liking you.

how do we pronounce often eh? ofTen of ofFen?