Friday, February 20, 2009


Bangun pagi, I'd always make my way downstairs first, to make coffee. Then I'd continue with work. So I did.

Mix, mix. Stir. First sip. Wanted to puke, stale milk.

"Maa, susu basi dah lah"

"TAK lah, Mama baru minum . . . (nag nag)"

"Basi, seriously, try minum"

""TAK lah, kan Mama dah kata jangan nak beli susu ni, susu ni tak sedap. Beli Magnolia,"

"Basi lah Ma, seriously," So I took a new glass, and pour the stale milk. Took the first sip, my system rejected it. And Mama drank it.

"TAK lah. Next time beli je Magnolia, kan Mama dah cakap, (continues nagging)"

The mug was put aside, I don't really care about the coffee anymore. Except maybe I kinda need coffee right now, But that's beside the point. I went back to my room, I smirked.

So, you got to understand why I, Siti Nadrah binti Mustafa, am one hell of a stubborn girl. Blame the traits. And the milk is stale, to me at least. Believing is seeing, or seeing is believing?


Anonymous said...

Which is why I use Coffeemate...


ps. By the way, what brand of milk was it?

Anonymous said...

you are such a stalker che eduardo. almost every posts have your comments. :P

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,


I'm one of the regulars.. Of the few blogs I actually read. That's as much..

And I'm happily stalking someone else by the way..


Ayyman Rahim said...

Seeing is believing. Haha

Jumping Jane. said...

Sambal paru dengan nasi putih, sedap gila.

Saya sayang Mama. :)

lala g* said...

yeah, i know how stubborn you are nad. tapi aku pun pernah experience basi thing. lain lidah, lain rasanya kot ? haha !