Monday, February 23, 2009

Matters that are on hold.

You know what I envy about others? Is that they are so fucking sure of what they want. They are not indecisive like I am. They are sure of what they want. Or so they seem to appear.

You know, answering questions objectively. Like me, I'd always answer, "depends on what aspect you're looking for" or, "depends" or, "see lah".

So yes, I am fucking envious of people who can make their decisions objectively. You know, the direct, "Yes" or "No".

But with me, it's a totally different story. And so, I put things on hold. After all, it's bliss - all these silence. 


cheeduardo said...

I would say YES for hot choc this rainy day.. ;)

xsaaraahx said...

i pon jealous. :(

ridhwan noordin said...

hey nad, these kinds of people you're blogging about doesn't include me right? haha