Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hot Floss,

"It's not me, it's you"

"Serial Killer Lover"

"Part time lover"

At times, I want to be much of an Emotional-Impulse kind of a person. You know, burst into words when events occur. Although most of time it is irrational.

But, sometimes  I just want to, you know? I'm too egoistic at times.

Quoted phrases from above are just some printed tees my friends and I came across over window-shopping. Seriously, even the printed tees were celebrating the hype. Dude.

Why can't my browser load facebook? ~!@#$%^&*  "Could not locate remote server, wtf"


kinteruvoid said...

ada kawan saya puasa facebook selama 3 bulan.

Anonymous said...

We may look cute; but really...

Anonymous said...

it's ok dear, you're still 19. Slowly you'll know how to treat that ego. Everybody has it.

good stuff btw!

zj said...

Happy bumping into you!! :)

pinknerd said...

soul-searching much lately, jumpingjane? ;)

but naah, you're fine the way you are. emotionally impulsive people tend to be a little erratic to a point incoherent, they become somewhat pointless in the end.

macam aku.

we good, jane melompat. you good.

Jumping Jane. said...

facebook dah okay, tak boleh puasa.

but really what, P?

anon, thank you. but 19 turning 20 is kind of hard, adapting to the big 2. but thanks again.

zj, yeay, same here!

pinknerd, memory lane is still pink from the outside. haha. thank you pink, we good indeed.