Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Take 5

I hate it when somebody tells me to "Chill," repeatedly. 

I like it when textbooks are my buddies accompanied with good music and trusty stationaries. I adore my love/hate relationship with 'em academic stuff.

I like your random notes, buat lagi lah.

I need another ringgit to buy myself that one of those cute heart cookies on a stick being sold at college, just for the sake of the hype.

Days passed by, and people from the past are passing invitations. I am content to bridge the gap in between.

Mama and adik are awesome, only when they are disturbing the process of absorbing knowledge.

I think that "Random" tags on facebook are making me writing these "random" things, without making me realize until now. Babi, we are all too dependent on facebook - or is it just me?


Edward said...

Apa itu Facebook?

Ours is going at five.. It's not worth the cookie; or the hype..

xsaaraahx said...

not just you. i pon.
omg babe, cookie tu sedap esk kita beli yang singgit okaaaaaay ! :))

and omg. i kena blajar. i wish i have ur apa org tu ckp ? you punya semangat nak blajar. :(

Firdauz takes five said...

but i like 'take 5'


Jumping Jane. said...

take 5, haha thats cause its you!

Ayyman Rahim said...

Too dependent on Facebook i rasa? Yela, everyone skrg ada Facebook. So, the topic will always be about Facebook stuff and bla bla.