Saturday, February 28, 2009

Use Somebody

Who wakes up early (and by this I mean at 5 a.m. to 6 a.m.) on a Saturday morning? A handful from my friends list I suppose. Even if they are awake, they were probably partying/socializing last night.

Being the nice sister, I dropped Adik at school for Merentas Desa. Okay actually, am only nice when I need to use the car. So I just had to drop him first because I wanted to meet my kawan for breakfast, at 7.30 a.m.

And I think you should try driving in the morning slowly. Wind the windows down, and on your playlist at a satisfactory volume. In this case, Band of Horses.

My kawan and I hardly meet up due to our respective packed schedules. You know, college workloads and shits. So the nature of the relationship is that mild adequate one. Besides, we see each other every single week day out of Sekolah Menengah lives. So you know, probably once every two weeks.

We hardly talk on the phone, or even SMS. Only on occasions. So I guess it's pretty much an independent nature. Nothing too clingy.

We talk of stuff that we reflect much throughout our daily lives. Talk of her aspect of perceptions, and mine. And somehow, in every intense conversations, Holocaust came into topic. Movies that are related to the Holocaust, books etc. (Bukan Valkyrie je okay)

And we talk of relationships, and commitments. Of how probably it might just be a 'conditioned' way of life. You know that 'conditioned' way to find happiness. Infant, child, teen, adult, marriage, kids etc.

Is that the only way to find happiness? Or, find your true self? Or, to fulfill the conditioned norm? Or, simply to reproduce to preserve the traits? Or maybe you're just selfish? Entah.

And how we need to see the world, see other cultures. But then reason out that probably if you stay long in one culture, you assimilate to it.

And wonder maybe that is why there are people who move from one place to another. To not assimilate to one. To not be too comfortable. Pick up bits and pieces of life from here and there. You know?

And the dreams that we attached at the back of our minds, and how we're working towards them.

How one medium can be seen in different perceptions. From her eyes, and from mine. How the movie revolved from Iran, to Germany etc. How the timeline influenced how we dress, we think, we perceive.

And it's not the kind where you dictate the person's perception, trying to change the way he/she thinks. No, nothing like that at all. It's the neutral nature where you listen, you speak, and you reflect back. It's nothing too emotionally intense. Just that mild adequate nature.

Then it occur to me; the answer is Complementary.

Someone who speak of similar grounds, but complements through the different perceptions.One who gets me inspired, because I am easily inspired. I am dreamy, eh salah, I am a fucking dreamer.

"Someone like you, and all you know, and how you speak.  I hope, it's gonna make you notice, someone like me" Use Somebody, KoL.

Didn't I try to tell you that you're somewhat like that intrinsic motive? Because I'm half as brilliant as you are.


Che Eduardo said...

Totally makes sense.. my best man and I are similar creatures; different individuals but somehow we click and get each others thoughts (sometimes without even saying a word)

And yes, I wake up early on Sat for market rounds..

gravity said...

Yes yes.

Band of Horses sgt sesuai bila tgh drive.

Nadrah Mustafa said...

wow, kita gang :)