Sunday, February 15, 2009

Impulsive gravity and the language of life.

Wisdom comes along with age, so they say.

Apparently, age is measured accordingly to tell whether you are experienced enough. It doesn't matter whether you're Jamal from Slumdog Millionaire, who had lost his mother due to religions differences when he was probably 4-5. Was apart of a syndicate where kids were made to beg along the streets, cheated to live in the streets of India. But when he was probably around 18-20, and he entered Who Wants to Be A Millionaire, and was just a question away from being a Millionaire, people could not believe it.

He was a cheat, they assumed. He's too young to be too knowledgeable. He's too young to know life, to taste life or even to talk of life. In fact, he can be said ridiculous to be apart of the show because he believed the love of his life would be watching. No, wise men said, only fools rush in. And Jamal here my friend, is a fool for believing in his own belief on the love of his life.

It is funny really, it became a cliche sentence when I said "I just want to gain experience," when I started filling my school holidays with part-time jobs since I was 16 (sans the extra cash). I didn't really know what it meant. I just say it for the sake of saying it, because it is cliched.

But then I realized. Experience is the anecdote in life, true that. But it does not necessarily come along with the years you have lived the earth. Experiences are not measured by your teenage years, your twenties, your thirties, your fourties, your fifties, your sixties. 

Life events occur every now and then. How significant your life events are, are depending on you. It does not mean that you have lived up almost to your thirties, you have seen more than what I have seen. And does not mean just because you are much older than some of us, you have the better rights to talk of life in general.

It is just not the matter of how numerical your experiences are. It is how impulsive your life experiences are, at any age at all.

People, grow into adults and mature along with age - to the unfortunates however, they just remain immature. Along maturity, comes the sense of respecting people even if they are inferior to you in figures. Maturity comes when you listen or read of people's perceptions and not blindy say that you are simply not riped enough to talk of life. Because really, we all go through similar phases with different consequences of life events. Resulting of different perceptions of the world, of other individuals, the society - in other words, life in general.

Its the same as a young superior collegue at your workplace. You just don't feel right working under a younger person. You feel your superior is not riped enough, haven't seen how things are really done in the business. 

I don't know, if you ask me, everybody can talk of life and their personal perceptions of life. I mean, it is subjective. It is just that the level of how we perceive the two big Ls (love and life) are different.

And when you read, you got to understand that there are differences in our perceptions' levels - because really, everybody just do not have the same perception as you do.


mchllchn said...

We live to try to find out what life is about, no? :)))

Peguambela? said...

Can I talk life?

I was at a funeral once that I guess pretty much was a defining moment in my life. The adults, some in their thirties and forties were weeping and throwing drama. And this twelve year old boy calmly without a nary of emotion carried out his father's last rites.

The attendees of course, with much wisdom of their numerical advantage were lamenting that the boy being too young, didn't realize what was going on or the graveness of his father's demise. I was rather amazed my his conduct. Would I in his shoes be able to keep my composure?

Indeed, they were wrong. Later that day, I saw him crying under the stairs. I didn't console him; the boy having done what he was obliged to do (rather maturedly) DID indeed understand the graveness of the situation..

The other day meeting his mother she said "I wonder what I'll do without this boy.. He's everything to me.." And only 16..

Where did he get his experience from?