Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mother instinct.

I'd like to have decent conversations now and then. Keeps me going.

So I hung out with 2 wonderful women this heaty noon. They talked of the economy and politics, which I just listened. 

They talked of financial standings - both their own companies and their personal accounts. They talked of investments, insurances, and how to lessen tax. Made me wondered. Then I thought of how you'd make a great Accountant, and how you'd still remain as a What If.

Then they talked of multitasking, and men - their husbands. I laughed, its a result of feminism really. Thank Wolstoncraft and all.

Maybe I should hire Mama as my PA to manage my finance when I'm older. I tell you, gila siot this woman, its from A to Z, maybe even micro Zs. 

Call me once I'm a woman myself. 

Now, can I have my deeper conversations? 

1 comment:

Che Eduardo said...

You don't need your mom as your PA. Genes will pass on to you..