Monday, July 28, 2008

The Arcade Fire, dan malam bersama buku.

"As they said goodbye, Benjamin looked out of the window again, nor meaning to be rude, but wanting to avoid Claire's eyes; he knew that when she said goodbye he would find a challenge there, that she would try to force some kind of response, just as she had been trying to do ever since he had first taken notice of her, at this same bus stop, three long years ago. Since then he had probably been the last person, out of all his friends, to recognize the obvious fact that she nursed a passion for him, an inexplicable crush which he had done nothing to encourage. It had become a source of monstrous embarrassment between them. Even Claire, at some level, seemed to hate herself for it; but there it was. Apparently these things couldn't be reasoned away."

Coe, Jonathan. The Rotters' Club. (2001). England: Penguin.

Currently the book I'm distracting myself with from life. Says much doesn't it Pink Nerd? Well, just a theory. Find it funny as hell though.


pinknerd said...

i knew it had to do something with me; yes, breaks my heart a bit there.

damn straight.

Jumping Jane. said...

its not only meant for you darling. read again!

pinknerd said...

hahahahahahahahahahaha, OMG, i see it.

i told you. start with the anwar case. it'll pick up.

Jumping Jane. said...

didn't i tell you to sleep?

pinknerd said...


dah pagi.