Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Because "8" could not be such an Ong number after all,

Yes yes, pardon me on my sudden urges on Politics. Did I tell you its far more addictive than E! gossips? Ah, and did I tell you I just realized everybody wants to have a say in this whole scandalous drama, and me included of course. Yeah I know, over-rated and what not, and hahahahahahaaha. Tak apa lah, saya tak ada benda lain nak buat anyway.You just need to feed on your political updates, well Malaysia's that is. Do you know that I feel like I'm watching some soap opera on TV? Well that's just how good it is. I don't mind reading lines religiously at these contradictory perceptions on the stage play. I must say, these certain individuals who are vividly or "vaguely" involved in this play ah, they could do a recital play during their retirement. But then again, what is the retirement age for politicians? When they burst to the Party they belong to that is is time to step down, and all other party members allegedly walk to the podium, to reassure your statement? Ah, they never sleep nor retire these politicians, well, actors. Ehem.

What differentiates 1998 and 2008 is that, well I was nine back then, but I'm nineteen this year. Two more ripe years and InysaAllah I'd be able to vote.

But really, its not that different after all with these Siapa sodok bontot dia issues? Oi, aku dah 10 tahun more matured, you people tak mature-mature lagi since a decade ago? Or did your "wise beyond your years" gone "too wise"?


So now the question is, RPK's latest claims or well, "Najib for PM in 2010!"?

Ah, maybe "8" could not be an Ong number for the de facto leader, but it is one hell of an "ong" number for the people yang dapat "duit kopi" to the point you can not only feed on kopi, but also you can buy a bloody Marc Jacobs bag (Because LV is getting overrated, and Chanel is just too elegant for me).

Oh can I be yellow with you too?

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pinknerd said...

politicians never quit, jumping one. they never quit.