Friday, July 18, 2008

George Berkeley, saya lapar, you feed my mind!

Whatever, I need to write and finish up another 2 more topics? Sigh.

So I found out what did I want to blabber about, believes and determinations. Thanks to my dear fat Po, the Panda. (Watch Kung Fu Panda, very comel!)

You see, I had an obsession over the word determination back when I was 9. Because of my poor vocabulary ever since I was a kid, I was wondering what the hell does this determination really mean. I checked my trusty dictionary, well it didn't really help me that much because the words.. well lets just say I had to interpret every single of it. What? I was 9!

And asking mama was just out of the question, "Kamus ada, guna lah!" Right. Anyway, why the hell did I want to know the meaning so much? Because it was written in the meaning of my name, a nice interpretation of my name given by my aunt. No, not narcissistic, just wanting to know more about me.

Roughly it says that when I'm determined to do something, I'll do it.

Hence, determination, is a very strong tool in one's life. You see, when one is determined to do something, they'll do it regardless of the consequences - of course there are several degrees to it. Like for example, if one stands at one end, they'll go ballistic over their goals, you know, "Get rich or die tryin'.." Kinda thing? You could take Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) for example. Then again, if one stands at the other opposite extreme, they could just be determined, and dream, but not do anything about it - laze like a fat cat.

These two extremes are called polarization. The act of someone standing at either two extreme, taking excessive measurements to a point where those actions might just be plain absurd, plain irrational - to the naked eyes of course.

But then again determinations do not stand autonomously, they need these little anecdotes that light the bulbs up, like electric currents called believing. You see again it takes you to be either an optimist, or a pessimist. If you're an optimist, then good, believing your glass is half full is always good news. When you believe, everything is possible, even when its not a thing.

Like placebos, it all starts from the mind and then the heart. You tell me, I know both the heart and the head (the mind might just be allocated there) speaks different languages but it makes sense, to me at least.

Take my sayang Panda Po for example, even though he's a Panda and he was crowned the Dragon warrior, which doesn't make sense. But then he get to "learn" the secrets of the Dragon Warrior from a sacred scroll. And the world when chaotic as it was empty.

But trust me, it all starts from believing. Why do you need to go to the gym when you can be healthy just by mere jogs around the block on your own? You see, because they believe in a gym, there are "advanced" equipments and those tight abs men and women working there have the expertise to work on your body. They trust these gym people to put trust in their selves that they too, can be healthy.

But it doesn't take an expensive bill of a gym membership to be healthy doesn't it? It takes you believing in yourself and that determination to be healthy. Why put trust in other people first, then yourself?

When you believe you can achieve running around the blocks of your neighborhood and you are determined to achieve your goal, insyaAllah, you'll get your goal. Its all in the mind honey, all in the mind.

(Hahaha, I've been trying to lead an active lifestyle, that's why). And it works, so hey!

So basically what I'm trying to say is that, "Esse est percipi," George Berkeley. (To be, is to be perceived).

All you have to do is to put all that trust in yourself first to achieve that goal you have been determined on. It doesn't take anyone to put trust in you, it takes someone to ignite and encourage you yes, but no one to make you trust yourself. The decision is always yours.

It all leads to how you perceive yourself, whether you have the ability or otherwise. Remember self-concept? Yes, this is definitely one of your self-concept.

Maka dengan itu, syarahan kita pada malam ini tamat. Mari belajar!

P/s: NM is still betting that you look good on the dancefloor, under the skyline that looks like crooked teeth.

P/s2: Bebe is sleeping, and she asked me to bid my night wishes.


hati batu said...
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joyah said...

Fuh.. That was one inspiring entry.. I'm all fired up now bu I'm on holiday! Haha.. Guess I'm gonna tuck myself in with a good book then..

Jumping Jane. said...

weh secretly joyah is hati batu! jeng jeng jeng :) I'm good tell me I'm good!

and terima kasih, pergi lah baca buku nick hornby hang. saya kena belajar, then can read my... 5 books waiting in line. =.=

pinknerd said...

hey determination! another thing in common mmm...

Jumping Jane. said...

HAHA, blah ah jat, get your own identity! :P