Saturday, July 05, 2008

Tanah Melayu,

Do you think there's such thing as Political Immunity?

Even if it means that the Supreme Court is well, "Independent" from the federal government?

Just look at our poor country now. Crumbling at its very core, the drama they're acting in. The stage they stand on, could fall at any second just by one tiny wrong movement.

Its like a game of chess.

I wonder, where did the love for the country go? If our Father of Independence was still alive, I am sure he would feel disappointed that he stood up for this.

Wake up, wake up dear old, "wise" political men.

And yes, there is such thing as political immunity.

To write or defend yourself on a blog on this whole big mess its a little bit stupid, even for an old man who is/was in politics. Doesn't it sound like a high school drama? Where girls bitch about other girls on the world wide web? Or maybe the stupid wall in the toilet?

Who cares if one is Homo? Who cares about an old man's sexual desires and relationships?

Who does not care about the state of the country? Certainly the ones who are too absorbed in these sexual activities of these old men. Get the country running.

"I found a fatal flaw, in the logic of love,"
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hati batu said...

Malaysians love to gossip. Everything else can wait! Be it the country!

Jumping Jane. said...

HAHAHA. Funnny. :)