Monday, July 07, 2008


There are certain things in life you can't mix.

Like water and oil.

Personally, when I'm eating my usual nasi campur meal, its best to eat one dish with the rice. Yes true, I would have a mixture of lauk on my plate, but mixing another lauk with another lauk wouldn't just seem right. The taste would not be the pure taste.

For example, lets say I have a plate of rice. With the usual sambal kangkung, sup ayam and sambal ikan bilis. (These are my favorite dishes btw, heh.) When I want to eat, I would just mix my rice and either one of the lauk. Never 2 lauk with rice, or 3 lauk at once. The taste wouldn't be that original taste of the lauk. Its not original.

Hence, the term nasi campur really does not apply to my meal anymore.

Not to say that I'm conservative in the sense that I can't accept new things in life, but like I say, there are certain things you can't mix.

I was eating my ever yummy J&Co. My favorite, Heaven Berry. Then there was this tiny choc chip beneath. I had to remove that first. Really, you need to eat your food with its original taste. Otherwise, that authentic taste wouldn't arise as much.

Just my two cents.

Like I say, there are certain things in life you can't mix.

Like sex scandals and sexual desires of normal aged men with the state of the country - they too run normal lives despite being politically involved.

Or maybe like Jay-Z featuring at the Glastonbury Music Fest.

Or phonies attending an "Indie" festival, which in the end looses its "Indie" value because it becomes over-rated.

Yeah, there are positive things that arise when mixture occurs. Like our Bangsa Malaysia. Or the intercultural marriage. Or perhaps like Nescafe + Milo = Neslo.

Tell me, do you campur your lauk in your nasi campur?

P/S: So who wants to bring me out for a nasi campur meal? Lapar.


ctnurul said...

hey i thought the jay-z and glasto combo was pretty cool. kindda weird, but not that bad. you saw the videos on youtube yet?

Jumping Jane. said...

TAK SUKA. mana boleh mix hip hop and glasto music mann! :)

not yet, will do though. haha.

lala g* said...

yes i do mix my lauk in my nasi. i know its im no original. tapi aku ni mmg kaki mix. hahaha. crap.

faz said...

if i have 3 lauk with my nasi. when i eat my nasi i'll make sure in my nasi i have all 3 lauk :) lol! nasi & lauk lauk lauk. hmmm hungrayy man.