Friday, July 18, 2008

Belajar Jane, belajar.

My cousin sister got her second child, Alhamdulillah, my little witty baby, has a newborn brother!
Okay, aunty dah tak bangga, mama dia cakap nama dia Ahmad Irfan je for now. Sigh. tak apa i can always use Danish for my son. (Ehem).

But wait, not just yet, my other cousin,who is apparently drunk due to love issues, just called me - yeah when she's drunk. And she's all crazy and laughing and whining like shit.

Sigh. Do I or do I not thank everyone that has been so closed to me for not pulling me into "that" direction? Of course I do silly.


kamaladevi said...

but eh, danish = people from Denmark, amiright?

Jumping Jane. said...

wahai cik "kamaldevi", thats what my friend said too, tapi tah lah i googled the name under islamic boy which means intelligent.

and since kakak dia damia wafa, and damia means intelligent as well.. i figured, what the hey! :)

ctnurul said...

my cousin's son's name is danish jugak =)

pinknerd said...

just a few days ago someone told me about her brother's friend who's given name is mikail -habis kena buli dengan all the other (muslim) boys accusing him of being a "christian" cos his name is what it is.

orang tak pernah baca buku kot? mikail tu nama malaikat.

anyway, my son one day nama samuel kot? itu nama nabi.

in short, people should do their research! and danish nama handsome :D

(taktau la apa i merepek ni, ngantuk kot!)

kamala letchumi said...

i'll name my daughter aaliyah and my son david just to upset people.

and i'll teach them how to fight coz dirty mouths could always use some good ass kicking.

it just me.

Jumping Jane. said...

i'll name my daughter nadrah. NARCISSISM KOT? HAHAHA JOKEEEE.

Jumping Jane. said...

fyi, it means unique. oooohhh narcissism again. HAHAHAHAHA. wth i should stop. and go berus gigi.