Sunday, July 20, 2008

Malaya lagi,

They take too much pride in their heritage, their genes. When really, they should know that their people are screwed up from the root. The economy is not well, blame it on our diversity? No, blame it on the people. Not the diversity. Don't segregate our differences in religion, in our cultural norms, our race. Malaysia is bangsa Malaysia. It is nor Cina, Melayu, India, lain-lain.. Bumiputera. No, it is Bangsa Malaysia. We are one. One is us.

Banyak possibilities the economy is not well. You blame it on the leaders? Point your fingers? When really did you look at yourself? Did you contribute much to your society? I doubt that, you still litter, you still loiter, you still.. buy Pirated DVDs.

You selfish people. Blame the economy on the leaders when really, you didn't even play your part well.

Blame the Chinese for their advanced economy than the Malay? No, you take look at our young Malays, they have their bumiputera privileges. Yes. They have their PTPTN money, where does the money go?


Now go get yourself a drink and go to sleep, politics is just screwed up. Remind me that I should not in any way be involved in politics, when I'm really nearly this close to get a borang for the Puteri UMNO.

It goes against my principle in life. We live in a beautiful world, when equality is good and competition makes people work harder, not privileges. Where diversity of beliefs make us gain more respect and more pride for ourselves because at the end of the day, we accept them for who they are, for what they believe in. And we pat ourselves at the back, because we can live together in harmony, as one.

Weh, this is definitely a post driven by emotion. Besok finals!! *shrieks*


faz said...

some of mine was used for a pretty miss selfridge skinny jeans! lol! and u were influencing me. haha.

kamalasari said...

i have friends who drinks and i pretend that i like to drink too so that they dont feel bad about themselves... bole ke mcm tu?

pinknerd said...

holy crap, i was also going to register for puteri umno! hahahahahah. terkejut siot.

anyway, no politics talk on my side :P

Jumping Jane. said...

faz, you gotta admit you LOVE that pair, besides, it was on 50% discount. was just trying to be a good friend. lol :P

ah biasa lah tu. aku pun layan saje perbualan mereka.

shite. another coincidence? join PKR lah? looool. okay yah me too, no politics.