Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends,

What lies ahead,

To the late Mr.Guna of SMK Seafield, may his soul lies where it belongs.
July 8, 2008.

No one really knows what the meaning of life is. And some are walking breezily in the path chosen in search of it. Some, maybe like me, are running in the race. Call it hasty and as we know, they said, only fools rush in.

But on the contrary, by running, it'll make you reach your destination faster.

When you walk, what happens if something comes along the way and just take them all away? Make you choose between life and death. But they never really give you an option, you are bound to what they have written for you.

I wonder whether the late Mr Guna has found what he has been searching for in life.

Was the family he nourished adequate? Or were there things that he wanted to do before anything fails?

I wonder the path that he has walked or maybe ran along was the right one? Or did he ever wish he had turn left or right instead of going straight.

Thank you teacher,
The stop where we shared together (probably because you always gave me the highest mark); it brought me wanting to write more. And here I am. And I still have that book where you marked my essays.

May your soul is blessed.


joyah said...

Sorry for the lost of your teacher. It's really unfortunate to lose a mentor who has been an influence in our lives.

Thanks for a very thoughtful entry. It really made me stop and think about my life and the future that lies ahead.

Jumping Jane. said...

Cik joyah, thank you for reading.

joyah said...

It's my pleasure. Thanks for writing.

fazthemoron said...

:( i can't believe what happened to Mr Guna. he's like one of my favorite teacher! :( how sad aye. things can just happen in a split second.

miss u woman ;)


*cosmic freak* said...

that is a very nice picture.

my prayers for your late teacher.

Jumping Jane. said...

Now tell me I have the potential! HAHAHA :) Luck je lah. thanks though