Thursday, July 10, 2008

My faith, your faith, our faith?

I went for lunch with three of my educators from college. Somewhere in PJ. One of them was a vegetarian, so the other suggested an Indian restaurant called Jem. And the other educator said, Halal ke? There was a Halal sign, but it wasn't that Jawi Halal sign. It only says: HALAL. Daging disembelih oleh _____.

Then she said, no jawi sign lah. So we proceeded to Lotus.

I thought to myself, such great height of respect our citizens have for each others faith and beliefs. I kept quiet, frankly hoping that none of them felt forced to not eat at a preferable place. You know, its always troublesome to find a place to eat where everybody absolutely agrees? One way or another somebody has to be tolerant.

I'm torn between satisfying everybody's needs and embracing the beauty of tolerance.

With full tummies, the three proceeded to buy er, snacks? And I said, "You guys just ate lunch you know!" And they said, we know! My god, they all eat like beasts.

Anyway, while they were busy buying more food. I saw this pakcik, an officer from one of the local U. Maybe was a guard or something? Didn't really bother to observe though not until he kept looking at me, with a guilty look. Then I said, apahal ni? Something must have been bothering him. That's when I realized.. (And I secretly snap)

I guess he had this guilt in him when he saw a fellow Muslim looking at him writing to get instant cash. Well, which obviously was against our faith. My faith. But is it his faith? I mean, it is OUR faith, but when one does not embrace the faith wholly with heart, mouth and body, well.. I have not much to say.

I'm not one to say much about this either, since I myself am not covered. And only God knows how well and how not well I have behaved.

And one of the educator asked me earlier today referring to a covered Middle Eastern in an Abaya; "Can you see yourself wearing that?"



Because I think they perceive it as a norm, a dress code that they are obliged to. When in their hearts, there's a totally different story.

"A middle eastern told me that they were surprised how conservative we Malaysians are."



pinknerd said...

interestingly, i was walking with an indian friend in pyramid this one time, and then this bunch of middle eastern girls walked in. my friend asked me: "do you feel inadequate?"

i said no. and i gave her the exact same thing you just wrote in your last paragraph. LOL.

you suck!

Jumping Jane. said...

weh stop copying me can ah? *laughs hysterically* sibuk siot! :P

joyah said...

Shouldn't you black out his eyes just so people won't recognize him? You'd never know who reads your blog.

I know the pious always preach "niat tidak menghalalkan cara" but this guy might just be in deep financial trouble and with the hike in prices he's just desperate for cash. I really pity him.

I bet if he's not so desperate he wouldn't even have considered TOTO-ing. Oh God, may you have mercy on him.

pinknerd said...

or maybe he just likes easy cash.

his argument may also be, "i have no intention to win, tapi kalau dapat, rezeki."

everyone pities everyone, but if anyone recognises him, then hey. some people just need to learn their lesson the hard way.

Jumping Jane. said...

At some point Joyah make sense whereby I need to cover the face and all that since I'll be the one would be taken the bull. But then again Ms. Pinky here has a point whereby, they should learn their lesson and all.

And the whole pricing thing, well some people just have to know how to manage their personal economy well. And do something about it rather than complaining and not do anything about it.

There's always two sides of every story.

Appreciate both of yours!:)

Jumping Jane. said...

And Joyah, I have a question. Why Joyah? Haha, smart siot. :)

joyah said...

Joyah? That's my name la.
Gempak kan? :P