Friday, November 07, 2008

Breaking the habit.

(Lama tak dengar Hujan).

You know, from the previous post below, I can't seem to really tell what's my bad habit. I mean, you think its your bad habit. But other might not thing that it is your habit. Esse est percipi.

I can't help but to think, about our habits.

As we know, time changes as season changes. Acquaintances, or 'friends' change from time to time. Flings, scandals and lovers, they come, they go. But your soul mate? Let's save it until you have really found yours.

You see, I have always been fascinated on how my daily routines changed from one week to another. I mean, yeah sure, the days in that week would be somewhat similar, but the following week, they are not exactly similar. They change.

A couple of months ago, I would go socialize with some acquaintances from college. Which by now, I have realized that I am not exactly that kind of a person who actually goes out with acquaintances and just hang out. No. I might as well do something more beneficial than wasting time, staring at each other, drinking teh-o-ais.

Today, well today, I wonder hard how 'hang out' buddies change, just like seasons do. But the closed ones remain.

How are social habits formed? From where I stand, well, I guess its pretty much influenced by the people around me. Or people that matter to me. You see, when you start to talk often to a person, you would spend more time with him/her. Like casual hang-outs, text-messages, calls etc.

I must say, it is funny how text-messaging is sooooo vital in the social context nowadays. You know like, when a guy wants to hit on a girl, he starts texting her and shit. Like 24/7. Or, how friends constantly talk to each other on text messaging. Zzz. Bad habit, bad habit. Bazir duit pun ada.

Don't get me wrong. New habits that adapt to your ever-changing lifestyle are pretty good, you see? You wouldn't want a mundane lifestyle throughout. So, habits break, forming new ones.

But what happens when a person has become your daily habit, and you don't really want it to change just yet?



kinteruvoid said...

i thought in Msia now the smses cost 1 sen? so its not really bazir duit. its probably more bazir masa and finger energy. i was never good at 'typing'.

"But what happens when a person has become your daily habit, and you don't really want it to change just yet?"

if you don't want to, you don't have to and won't change it. and that's okay. ^^

Peguambela? said...

Social habits? What's that?

I'm Phileas Fogg, sorry.. Same old; same old everyday..

mchllchn said...

If a person becomes a habit, and you dont want it to change, you don't have to. :) :)

I have annoying habits. For example, I must wipe the table clean before and after I eat. Every spot. Even out in restaurants. Haha.

Jumping Jane. said...

K, it's membazir when it numbers up til RM100++ plus cause of calls, smses and all. 1 sen utk orang yang you know, active 10 kinda thing.

Social habits? The art of socializing I guess?


Mchl + K,
Haha! Have you guys made a person as a habit? :P

Old habits die hard they say.