Friday, November 07, 2008

The art of beauty.

The other lives of these teenage girls.

Fly my love, fly.

Jane dalam usaha mengkomersialkan blog.


Peguambela? said...

No offence taken, I don't intend to practice anyways..

content said...

Che, why u dun plan to practice? I believe that the legal profession needs more poeple like you to uphold the integrity of it, in upholding justice without fear or favour.

Peguambela? said...


1. Che went missing in the Sierra Maestra a week back. Never to be found again.

2. Why dun I practice? Cos I want to kahwin cepat; and the process of becoming a full-fledged legal eagle will take time. So I better choose a career that can make good money and faster career progression. So I can masuk meminang cepat-2...

Jane, tumpang sekaki to answer question, ok..

the Lawyer?