Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sambung-sambung lah kita semua.

(Taken from Jane's facebook Note: November 12, 2008)

The first memory I remember of the excitement over associations was when my primary school years. Mutual friends, our parents who are (were) friends. You knew each other all along, only then you were much much younger. And now, we're strangers in our own world. Friends who turn out to be relatives.

And then it grows along with us. The introduction of Friendster. Interlinks, a friend of a friend which eventually would lead to a mutual friend. 'What a small world', 'Lah kau kenal dia jugak ke?' etc. Day by day, these words dah basi.

Tell me something new.

That's just it. Association is probably one of Life's wonders. You see, a system works miraculously with the sum of its parts. Without its tiny particles, a system is nothing. A system malfunctions. Hence, things are made to associate one another. Complement, interlink, integrate, relationships, bridge dan sebagainya.

Take the human body for example, we have several systems that are associated to one another. We have the circulatory system that regulates the Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Hemoglobin throughout our body. The circulatory system is facilitated by our respiratory system, inhale the tiny particles and such. The interlinks continue on and on.

Semantic networks. One information exhibits another information. A priori is provoked whenever a related information is perceived. Like how numbers are basically the same, only that they are divided into detailed categories such as Calculus, Algebra yada yada yada. But when you try to find the starting point, well, you can't really find. But somehow, one way or the other they are related.

Or like how your frames of references are similar and related to your current phase of life.

Maybe today the song "Sidedish Friend" associate with your current state, but yesterday, "Bleeding Love" associate the most.

Funny. How people relate to each other but yet they classify themselves into categories. Racial discrimination, income discrimination, academic standings discrimination. Or social butterfly, losers, jocks, cheerleaders. Funny, how politicians associate themselves as 'Common People' but they still have their Elite group. The big, bald Ds.

Maybe this is what they meant by 'the Circle of Life'. A single continuation line. The starting point? Kau pusing-pusing pun tak dapat cari. Kan dah pening.


Anonymous said...

I'm confused...

Anonymous said...

anda sedang kami awasi

Jumping Jane. said...

P, haha me too.

Anon, haruskah saya berasa takut?
Blog anda best yer.

raisadora said...

:) i guess that's why they call it 'the circle of life' instead of 'the square of life'... *wink*