Sunday, November 02, 2008


Nothing beats good music, morning coffee and the urge to continue your work. And that warm fuzzy feeling inside.

It's weird that we try to define almost everything (maybe indeed everything) in life. In doing so, most of us ended up getting confused anyway.

Is it driven by our innate curiosity? Or is it because we just need to know the answers to everything?

You see, we were thought to define things first before we could proceed to next procedure. You know, the usual, define the problems. Then list all the effects and consequences, then from there, we work the solutions out.

Really, it has been that way.

But then you would have to define more abstract things such as Ethics, Justice, Love, Politics, Religion, God, and the list goes on. But the ultimate one would be Life itself.

Really, in defining these abstract entities, you could go on for your whole life, and never really find the universal, absolute answer. The usual, 'Esse Est Percipi'. Did I tell you George Berkeley is a genius? You should hold him close in your life. His principle at least.

They say Beauty Lies in the Eyes of the Beholder. And we should thank subjectivity for this. Say if 10,000 guys have the exact, absolute desires for this 1 particular girl - from the way she talks, to the way she thinks. And really, she is the only kind. Then what would happened to the rest? 10,000 to 1 for reproduction? I don't think so. So, we should really be thankful that each and every one of us are different to the eyes of the other. You may be the same like most, but that one special trait in you, make you different.

Religion? Ah, have you heard of the whole 'soon kids can choose their religion' issue? I don't know, if he/she is mature enough to tell the differences between the abstract and the physical, the reality and the ideals, or the definition of God, religion and even beliefs. Because really, what are beliefs, norms, folklore? They were inherited from the ancestors before us. And we all know along the way, these words tend to be distorted and edited.

The superior and the inferior? The 'hak ketuanan', it somehow shows that the Melayu take too much pride in their traits, in their customs. To preserve our culture, yes okay. But excessively? Soon, we'll just end up like the Germans who tried to preserve their 'Aryans' blood, just because they were one of the greatest ages ago (just like the Melayu royalties then) and who would stand up and be the F├╝hrer of Malaysia? Certainly not the defacto leader. Come on, it's 2008. Move on already.

You could read the Idiots Guide to Love or Dating. But we're talking about two different individuals perceiving one mutual abstract entity. If you act by the book, you'd be too rigid, if you feel too much, you could end up eating yourself alive. The 'rules' of love, a) How close can a guy friend be to your girlfriend? b) How do you when too much is too much? and the list goes on. How do you just know, it is what it is.

So, how do you know how to define the definitions of that particular subject? It's just weird and funny how we always tend to define things in life.

What am I talking about? There's always Pragmatic (functional) truth.

*Sometimes, words say too much.


Che Eduardo said...

Borrowed an idea from you. Acknowledgement, ok.. Let's see if you can guess what it is?

lala g* said...

nadd ! haah my mom told me. u know what she said ? she said kau x membesar kecik mcm tu jee. ahahha !

abdullahjones said...


Jumping Jane. said...

Che, i hope you keep on reading though. :) Cheer up friend.

Laa, hahaha. My perut semakin membesar? -_________- i hate growing horizontally.

(nyanyi lagu) Dr Jones, Jones, calling Dr Jones. Dr Jones, Dr Jones get up now! dan yes, :) selamat datang