Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thy beliefs.

Back when Laser Discs were part of the luxurious life, I had the opportunity to enjoy my Disney Princesses and Mary Poppins with them. Not forgetting Batman, Star Wars and Jurassic Park. My papa surely did provide them for me.

But there were certain LDs that were off boundaries namely Original Sin, where my fellow growing guy cousins were so hyped out about. They were growing teenagers, mind you. But there was this LDs that caught my eye. Simply because the box was so intense. Nah, nothing physically obscene as Original Sin though.

I do not know what's it called, but the illustration of the box was this beardy man, holding a cross up high to the sky. And the whole box was in red. I knew I had to watch this movie.

Being five, I wasn't allowed to. I asked why? The answer fall between the realms of Jesus, God, and not suitable for kids your age. Well, just yet. I guess they were afraid I would turn my baby faith towards God.

Last night on television, I came across this advertisment of an Indonesian sinetron. Mind you, it is not your average Bawang Merah, Bawang Putih sinetron. It is actually about questioning faith. Questioning, provoking, challenging your faith. Namely Islam.

I told Mama, they have such guts to make such sinetron! I think she took it wrongly and said, 'Indonesians kan?; Whatever that is supposed to mean. I meant, they were very brave. The ad showed excerpts of the drama, a man praying in a telekung at the woman's section. He got chased out of the masjid, and he had this heaty argument with the Pak Imam, pointing shouting at the sky. And I'm surprised it is not banned knowing our censorship board. Probably under, 'having the potential to menyesatkan fellow Muslims'?

Nah. I think it is good really. It helps them to think more. It helps us to realize about Mazhabs, and what are they really? Follow the norms that are preached or follow the sole teachings without any Mazhabs in tact?

I once asked my friend, 'what if at the end of the day, a man rises from the crowd and claims that he is the savior. He is the messiah. He is the messenger. He reasons out God, which ironically God can't be reasoned out.?' What would happen?

I don't know. You tell me. Did Papa make the right move to not let me watch that LD back when I was five? What if I had watched it, I'm sure I would enjoy it. Although I would be too young to understand deeply, but at least it would not leave me wondering 14 years down the road, 'how is that movie like, really?'.

It's funny isn't it? We're finding elements that would help us define our religious faith? It's not that I'm questioning my faith or anything, it's just that, you know, you would want to strengthen it, and wonder deeply. Why this, and not that? I want that bloody movie damnit.


Peguambela? said...

Somehow you found the faith to overcome your malasness and right again.. You must be The Chosen One then..

And Jane, there was this one CD I you shouldn't have watched all those years ago...


kinteruvoid said...

hey that wasn't too long of a break. my thoughts on this is that its good what ur dad did. i think kids are not mentally prepared. for me, watching movies or sinetrons about religion wouldnt help strengthen faith. i'm not saying its bad either. it might even make someone more curious and want to find out more, maybe. i'm not a pak imam or alim ulama, far from it, but reading and finding out facts is the way to go i think. instead of watching fictional productions. or, youtube is a good start. sheikh hamza yusuf is pretty cool.

jill said...

i agree with kinteruvoid, youtube is a good start. by the way, my friend recommended me to youtube this guy from america named sheikh yusuf estes. he was a former priest and now a muslim. i watched his video and he's good. he's having a tour around malaysia now. on this sunday, he'll be in shah alam in the morning and masjid wilayah during the night :)

Jumping Jane. said...

P?, haha chosen one? apa ni! omg, what cd?? :P

haha i had to write. few days ago, i realized i kept on pasting what i wrote on fb, like tak ada variety je. uhuh, but you know, it just helps me to think more i guess.

i will start with all the sheikhs. thank you very much! and u sure do know a lot about this particular sheikh. :)

kinteruvoid said...

i thinnk yusuf estes is pretty cool too. btw, hamza yusuf is also a muallaf

faz. said...

macam pernah dengar Original Sin. lol.

Fake Filasuf said...

i loike Original Sin! :P

Firdauz takes five said...

tulisan ini cantik sangat