Saturday, November 08, 2008

When most are out there supporting Man United, Jane is:

Wondering and I must ask you, don't you get bored of reading blogs? Especially this particular one. I feel like I'm drying out. And the themes for every posts are similar.

But still, I love to write. So how?


mchllchn said...

So write. :) Because I like to read what you think of, your opinions, your stories.

content said...

Yes. U've the flair for writing, while i don't, so i just settle down with reading them :) Please do not stop writing for they cheer up some souls out there, i'm sure.

And yes, so happy that i didn't mist last nite's game when Red Devils gunned-down to the ground by Wengers' boys! Woo hoo! Absolutely stunning & brilliant game!

Peguambela? said...


You make me very angry if you drop your pen.. erk.. keyboard..

Jane, we read because we like your theme of writing; imagine if you begin writing about the pemilihan UMNO; we might all run helter skelter..

the Lawyer?

Jumping Jane. said...

Haha, you people are so kind. :)
Thank you. And yes I will still write of course. Just trying to distinct on writing a note on facebook AND posting a post on the blog. Trying to categorize which is to be in which.

:) Cheerios people.

P/S: Content, you're missed! And your writings, and the lyrics and vids you post!

phantom said...

And Jane will be a wise girl by supporting Arsenal. Kan?

Jumping Jane. said...

Hah, saya tak tengok bola. Tapi saya orang subang. Rata-rata statistik penduduk Subang Man U. Can't have my say, I know nuts about football. Sorry phantom, Arsenal did win aye?