Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The way you make me feel.

I love the way you read my mind and my theories altogether.
and when you speak, you utter words of perfect sense.
I love it when I get to read you inside and out,
and the more I read, the more I fall.
I love the way you strengthen me,
and how you reassure me with confidence.
I love it when I draw lines and circles on your smooth texture,
and how you allow me to explore the boundaries.
I love it when you're always patient with me,
when my divided attention is given to you,
and also when you always allow me to perceive you again.
I love you for the way you make me feel.

Oh, I love you, buku teks The Ethics of Professional Practice. (Richard D. Parsons).

Did I tell you I'm in love with psychology? :)


Peguambela? said...

Of all things little sis, you fell for a psychology book.. I'm petrified..

pinknerd said...

kamu sudah tidak betul agaknya..

*cosmic freak* said...


Jumping Jane. said...

Dear all,