Monday, November 03, 2008

This year's love, (altered)

I love, Psychology.
I'm psyched out about Schema Theory, awesome stuff.

I love, SP.
"I will race you to the waterside, And from the edge of Ireland shout out loud. So they could hear it in America. It's all for you." The planets bend between us.

Tell me this is not infatuation. Tell me this is real. Tell me.


kinteruvoid said...

wow schema theory...sounds complex. since i don't have a prior schemata when it comes to psychology, i don't think i can fully understand this concept. Sounds interesting, but I wouldn't wanna have to write essays on this. Have fun with that yah!

Che Eduardo said...


If I need a psych; you're hired...

Che: Not going anywhere; still around KL..

SASHA said...

you got TAGGED!

*cosmic freak* said...

is schema theory as same as the malay saying of 'woi, kau ni skema la'.

if it is so, I'm just a walking hypothesis of that theory.

Jumping Jane. said...

best lah research proposal ni. malas je wanna type.

i hope you're doing fine! i miss reading ur blog already.

kakak abby,
HAHA, skema sangat!!