Monday, November 17, 2008

Reality, and its sliding floors?

(Copy, paste from FB note as usual)

"Reality however," Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, "has a sliding floor".

Indeed. Talk about how reality "is soo 2007". Of course, to be absolutely sure of what reality is, we could debate forever. But, I hold close to Berkeley.

However, its not really about that. Similar like drawing the lines between Love and Life, one should also draw the lines between the realms of the cyberworld, and the real world. From the social context.

The social realm has evolved from time to time. First it was drawings on the walls of a cave, the next thing you know, telegrams were awesome, telephones beat postcards, and now, Internet rises above all.

Of course, no doubt they are efficient, fast, everything at your fingertips. The words like Google, blog, FB are adapted to your daily vocabulary.

In the morning, you check your facebook account. Before you sleep, you check your facebook account. You update your status almost every time you have something to share with the world. Really, facebook is probably a tool that help you communicate with your pals even when you're away from them.

So, they are kinda there even if they are not there. And you don't really feel lonely.

I mean, even if you are talking to them on MSN or any other online IMs applications, you still tend to talk to them on facebook via replying comments, status updates and such. Kenapa?

Also, you know where you need to tell people something, and you don't really want to tell them directly, you tend to post those metaphors online - blogs, status updates etc. I mean, if I post a lyric of a song, siapa yang akan terasa/perasan after reading the lyrics right?

Why do it online, indirectly?

Like me, I could have a couple of hundred friends in my account, but really, how many of them are really my friends and not mere acquaintances? You know, the ones that you really laugh and cry with? The ones that you wonder deeply about life and shit. The ones that you'd really see during your graduation, your wedding, labor bla bla bla.

Because we all know the social world like the real world orbits around. Your hang out friends change like seasons do whilst your closed, loved friends are living their lives like yourself. Fine, then online social network should remain as just that. Not a tool where you put your life on. You might as well put your life on a rock and roll band.

Maybe facebook should distinct the friends list and the acquaintance list?

Oh well, tapi nak buat macam mana. I check my facebook account before I sleep, and when I wake up. And, the Internet is very useful anyways. So what the heck. As long as you perceive it to be, then you believe in it. Your call, really.


Peguambela? said...

You're invited to my wedding. HaHa..

Jumping Jane. said...

Amboi, ni skim perancangan keluarga draft keberapa?

Btw, RSVP lah kat FB. Haha, suruh your sayang and yourself add me on FB! Lol. Then RSVP me.

Peguambela? said...

You can ask the loved one to add you on FB.. Me?! Well, I don't believe in these social networks, blogs and falling love on the net...


BTW, I mean a REAL jemputan ok; one printed on a card... But now she said don't want to marry me; so you waitlah..